URL2JPEG 擷取網頁圖片

2008-08-06 05:03:00 哇哇 0 0


URL2JPEG 使用Microsoft .NET C#所編寫,需要安裝Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0才能正常使用。

This freeware capture web page. Save full or partial page to file or clipboard. Execute script for automatic thumbnail creation.


    * Any page size, the whole page is captured. The page is larger than your screen? url2jpeg capture it for you.
    * Auto fit and remove scroll bar. What is the optimum width and height to have the whole page? You don't want to capture the scroll bars? url2jpeg adjust everything automatically.
    * Take a snapshot of the page, this mean animated page are correctly rendered
    * Save to jpeg, png and bmp
    * Copy to clipboard
    * Multi language user interface.
    * Capture a part of the page if you want. You can manually select the area you want to capture, you can also navigate in the web page HTML tag for automatic accurate selection. Add a border.
    * Resize generated bitmap, to create thumbnail for example. Create smaller or bigger image. Create fixed size or relative size bitmap.
    * Easy scripting creation for batch capture.
    * Javascript error handling is disable. Don't be blocked by javascript errors.
    * No popup. Every popup is catch and display in the popup list bar. To follow it simply click.
    * Auto preview. In manual capture immediately view the saved bitmap in the default viewer.
    * Auto update. You are warned when a new version is available.


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