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用於解出圖示的小工具;可以掃瞄 EXE、DLL、OCX、CPL 等檔案內的游標或 ICO 圖示,並將他們解出儲存或複製到剪貼簿。

The IconsExtract utility scans the files and folders on your computer, and extract the icons and cursors stored in EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL, and in other file types. You can save the extracted icons to ICO files (or CUR files for cursors), or copy the image of a single icon into the clipboard.

IconsExtract 1.47.rar(DepositFiles下載)
IconsExtract 1.47.rar(Hotfile下載)
IconsExtract 1.47.rar(MediaFire下載)
IconsExtract 1.47.rar(ZippyShare下載)
IconsExtract 1.47.rar(本站下載)
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