RainbowEditor v36 彩虹編輯器

2007-12-28 23:36:20 哇哇 0 0

本版新增對 unicode 的支援.

 *收尋整個專案時,會自動編試ANSI,Unicode 等格式,並收尋.
 *新增語法支援: VHDL,Verilog,vCard,vCalendar.
Rainbow  Text Editor is a text editor with multi-level Undo/Redo,Word Wrap,Bookmarks ... and so on.

It is a HTML editor:click #RRGGBB to pick up color.Pair keys of(Table,TR,TD) will help to check balance easily.

It is also a programmer's Editor,the pair keys supported for level help you to read complex more easily.You can export the code to Html and then demo your code with color.

It can be used as article reader,too, with customable keywords ,comment and syntax effect to help you read article more wondeful.

Many advanced features:Pair keys Syntax Highlighting.Key words,Pair keys styles are all editable. File size up to 2GB.Word Wrap. Export Hightlghting to Html/BBS.Clicking on Http-address and open by brower...

Project management:Tree-View for Files.Files can be store into a project.setup password for Project.Reopen project.....etc.


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